Party Boat or

sunset cruise

Boat excursions

You want to experiment with the turquoise water of Aruba on a catamaran or on a sailing boat. You are with friends and want to have fun on a party boat or, you are with your family and want to relax on an afternoon or sunset cruise, everything is possible!


Let us know what you like and we will find the perfect sailing tour for you!



What and when?

Depending on your demand there are different types of tours.


The different yours are about 56$ per person for a 2:30 excursion. At this price you will get included: drinks, snorkeling stops, music and snacks! 


This is an experience you will love! 

if you need any more information or recommendations about these tours contact us now, we will be more than happy to help you!
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We also organize for you, private parties on sailing boats with DJ, drink, and snacks!