Try our best gear !

Took the wrong kite size?

Didn't bring a kite board?

Don't want to travel with equipment?

At Venture Holidays Aruba, we work with premium equipment; Blade Kiteboarding for the kites, Axis Kiteboarding for the boards and Prolimit for the harness. 



Hendrick Burgers, professional athlete, does product development and gives feedback to these brand, so that they are always improving their quality and resistance in the highest level of kitesurfing.


We are very proud to work with amazing equipment and to be able to renew them yearly





No Worry!

We have all the kitesurfing equipment for you here!



Kite and Bar rentals:

Full-day (becomes 120$ per day after 2 days rental)


We have all the sizes, from a 5m to a 17 m for the days with light wind!

Pick up and drop off possible in Noord area

From a surfboard, to a tween tip, to hydrofoiling: we've got it all!

Pick up and drop off possible in Noord area

Full day (Becomes 30 $ after 2 days)

Board rentals:


Full day (Become 10$ after 2 days )

We have all different kind of harness. Try one that fits you the best! 

Pick up and drop off possible in Noord area

Bring it to us! we can fix it for you so you can get back on the water again!


We can rent you our equipment in the meanwhile! A good opportunity to try something else ;)

You broke the equipment you brought?

See you on the water!