Team Venture Holidays Aruba
We are very proud to share that we are the 
FIRST and ONLY International Kiteboarding Organisation (iko)
certified school on the island!

Caro And Hendrick

Picture by Tony Filson

"We Create  authentic & private holidays, for every experience to be special!"

Team Venture Holidays Aruba

Our goals,

"We love what we do and it's really important for us to adapt our activities and our holiday packages to each and every one! From a kitesurfing holiday to an island discover, we've got it all! All of our holiday packages are made exclusively and privately for you depending on our requests! Learn more about it      or contact us for more info and for a private quote


Get ready to indulge yourself in authentic  Aruban experiences! Have a look at our activities and discover the Real Aruba!"


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Who are we?
Caroline Herbilon and Hendrick Burgers

Venture Holidays Aruba is directed by Hendrick Burgers and Caroline Herbillon.

"We are a young couple that met in 2015 in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, which is famous for its kite spots. We decide to do what we love and to do it every day. Therefore we founded our company together in Aruba, in 2016. 


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Since 2010 Hendrick is a professional kiteboarding athlete. He represents Aruba in World championships and is sponsored by differents kiteboarding brands such as Bladekiteboarding, Axiskiteboarding, Prolimit, and Hyperlite. He is our IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified instructor and will guide you in all the activities we have! Fun Guaranteed!

Hendrick Burgers
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Picture by Tony Filson


Caroline Herbillon
Caroline Herbillon

Before Venture Holidays, Caroline was working in marketing, social media, and events for a company based in France, where she comes from.

She is now doing the same for Venture Holidays and also takes care of administration and logistical tasks. You will most likely find her on our famous waterbikes accompanied by our little beach dog: Ziggy.

Ziggy the beach Dog:


Ziggy is also part of team Venture Holidays Aruba.

You will find this adorable, little dog on the beach with us every day. As you can see he is living a dog life, but in a beach way! :)

Picture by Tony Filson

If you see this, it means you are in the right place!

venture Holidays Aruba

We are mobile! That's why we can bring you to the best places on Aruba, at the best time of the day!

All of our excursions are made privately. This way you're ensured of exclusive experiences, in the most authentic way!


Get away from the high rise hotels and get to know the real Aruba ;)

Team venture holidays Aruba